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If for some reason you are not satisfied with the purchase, items (unused) can be returned within 14 days of receipt of goods.

You can choose between three different options:

  • Stock Credit
  • Return of your money back
  • Exchange for another size only if the specified size is available

Warranty seal and the card with the company logo that are on the product must not be cut or torn otherwise rutrurn wont be accept.

Warranty seal and the card with the company logo that are on the product must not be cut or torn otherwise return won't be accepted.

Instructions for returning the product:

Call the number + 359 888600561 (Monday to Friday 10:00 am. - 17:00 pm.)

You will receive all necessary information to return and will receive an email with a confirmation number of return.

Please follow these instructions to make a return or exchange on item from your purchase:

Step 1 : Fill in the form for return / exchange that you will find in the box of your order

Step 2 :Choose one of three options:Stock Credit, Returns of you money back or exchange for another size

Step 3:Write in the field confirmation number for return that is received on your  email

    Please send the packages of items at:

    " Company Group" LTD

    Nikolichevski pat 31B Str, 2500 Kustendil, Bulgaria   

     Shipping costs of return items is borne by the customer.

    Stock credit

    Immediately after receipt and verification of the package , client receive code with total value of the returned items that can be used to purchase other items.

    Stock credit can be used only once within a period of three months from the date of return, can not be added to other stock credits and must be used entirely for one order with the same or higher value.

    Exchache for another size:

    Changing to another size or another color of the same item is possible only in case that this size/color is available.

    Return of the amount:

    Reimbursement can be done as soon as the returned items arrive at the warehouse of CIABOOBG.COM  and  been checked.

    For orders paid by credit card, the amount will be available to the client bank account within 10 days, or at least will be visible statement of account to the credit card. The time required may vary slightly depending on the banking system of credit card used.

    For orders paid through Paypal or bank transfer amount is returned to the respective bank account from which payment is made.

    The amount is returned in the same currency in which it is paid purchase. Any differences in the amount due to a change of course can not be compensated.

    General terms :

    Warranty seal and the card with the company logo that are on the product must not be either cut or torn .The soles of the shoes must be in perfect condition and there are no traces of use.

    Any footwear item must be returned in its original box, which is considered in the full sense of the word an integral part of the product and should not be in any way damaged and / or modified or used.

    Product to be returned is sent placed in the box CIABOO

    Authorized by CIABOOBG.COM returning of the goods must be made from the same country to which was delivered the purchase.

    CIABOOBG.COM reserves the right not to accept the return of product that was sent by couriers other than those mentioned in the email with instructions to return ,in case that this return leads to additional costs for CIABOOBG.COM or required receipt of the consignment at the branch the courier company.

    CIABOOBG.COM reserves the right also to refuse unauthorized return of the product or one that does not comply with all the conditions that were already pointed.

    In these cases, the goods will be returned to the sender of the given address.

    In case that that kind of return is accepted that will leads to additional costs for the client in amount of 10 % of the value of returning product.

    For all issues not specifically mentioned is applying European law on the distance marketing.